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Whether you’re a social media master, a style blogger, a shopping addict needing some extra dough, or just love our brand. We have a very special job position that you will love.
Becoming a brand ambassador for
Truu Confidence is your way of represent everything you love about our brand.

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?
Very simple! Just show us how much you love our brand by posting a photo from our profile, or one of your own representing Truu Confidence receives more than 100 likes and 10 comments. We would also ask you to write A very simple definition of what Truu Confidence means and why you would like to be a part of the team. We preferred that you have an active social media following, of at least 5K followers with an average of 5% liked photos. This means if you have 5K followers your photos should have 250 likes on average. (we currently have Brandon ambassadors that are not at the 5K followers mark. With that being said we recommend but you apply regardless of how many followers you have)

What do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?
We will pay you a 10% commission on every final order that is placed with the 10% off code that your friends used on our online store. You may choose the code.
Also Brand Ambassadors will receive a 15% off personal code that may be used when they please (Not available during sales)You will be included in a group of advisors that will test all of our new designs and products and much more
We will repost your photos at random onto our Social media platforms!

If you feel that being a Brand Ambassador for Truu Confidence is something that you would love we recommend that you
Apply using the form below! And becoming a part of our Eternal Brand


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