The Awareness collection was created to shed light on the conditions that affect us indirectly and directly. This Month we shed light on Heart Health.

This is Hadley's Story,

Hi, my name is Hadley. I am 14 years old now, and I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at the age of 5. After my Dad's heart surgery, my parents were told that my brother and I had to get tested because the doctor knew that his condition was caused by something genetic. Genetic testing completed when I was 11 confirmed what was known; I carried a genetic mutation that causes high cholesterol called Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). With the genetic testing, we found out that my Dad, two aunts, and two cousins also have FH.

I can't just eat healthy and stay active to reduce my cholesterol. I have to take a statin drug and vitamins. I get muscle cramps from the statin. The amount of fat I eat is tracked to ensure healthy fats and low levels.

I communicate with my cardiologist and ask questions. I watch my numbers after blood work because I understand what they mean now.

When I was first told that FH has a higher risk of causing heart attacks at a young age, it came with so much worry. I sometimes worry that the medicine isn't working and my FH will worsen. But even though I worry, I push through with my activities to keep myself healthy. I do cheerleading, swimming, and diving. Which helps keep me healthy.

When I started worrying, I remembered that I was still a kid and needed to keep on with life. I'm not going to let FH hurt my childhood. I keep a positive attitude by challenging my Dad that my numbers will be better when we have blood work done. Every night, we yell at each other from across the house to remind each other to take our medicine.


Conquer Fear. Challenge the Future.

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