The Awareness collection was created to shed light on the conditions that affect us indirectly and directly. This Month we shed light on Breast Cancer.

 We teamed up with HONEY BEA NATURALS and Ms. Sharon Evans to bring you the S.A.E Collection,

This is Ms. Evans Story  

Things happen in our lives for a reason. In 2015, God allowed Cancer to enter my body, then removed it and let it return. Three years later, I had to trust in him even more, knowing that he healed me before, and while I continued to trust in God, he would do it again, and he did. My Praises and Worship with the Lord are sincere and at a much higher Level. I have learned to rejoice and celebrate each day of my life. 

My name is Sharon Evans. I’m a rejoicing 66-year-old, 2-time Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife, Mother, and Grandmother who’s very passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness. 

 I feel I have become more assertive in Christ and Victorious through him. I didn’t know how to truly worship the Lord in Spirit until God put the Spirit of Worship in me. I’ve had four surgeries, two lymph nodes removed, and six weeks of radiation, but Glory to God, no chemo, therefore being touched by Cancer has changed my life forever. I’m a 2-time Breast Cancer Survivor giving Praise, Glory, and Honor to God while celebrating each day of my life because of God’s Grace. 

 Since being diagnosed with Non-InvasiveDCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in SituBreast Cancer at Stage 0 twice. Sometimes I get emotional, but it’s not a pity party for me. It’s because I’m feeling blessed and thankful, knowing that my Cancer could’ve been so much worse, that there’s still fighting daily, and so many others who have lost their battle. Had I waited to go back the following year for my mammogram, my Cancer would’ve been at a much higher Stage, 

Because of my early detection, they found the Cancer before it became a lump. Praise God. For this reason, I’m so passionate about “Awareness”! Early detection does mean better results.    

Please schedule your mammograms. 


-Sharon Evans

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S.A.E Collection 

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A Portion of proceeds regarding our Awareness collection with a donation to PINK-4-EVER, a local non-profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, aims to reduce breast cancer disparities in the community through empowerment, education, and support. Find more information below


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